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A new opportunity comes along and you find yourself in a good position to help yourself and others. You can face any challenge and have the resources you need to overcome the situation.

2020 Aquarius Horoscope eBook

You may feel a sense of isolation when faced with a problem but the reason you aren't finding what you think you need is that the answer you are looking for is within. What you fear isn't an actual reality but a situation that comes from your past. You overcame a difficult time and now it's okay to let go of what you worry about the most.

Chances are the past won't come back to haunt your future.

Aquarius Horoscope & Decan Predictions ~ Darkstar Astrology

Your dreams are safe. There may be a decision that you are hesitant to make because of some underlying fear or thought that you aren't truly aware of.

When hesitation comes, ask yourself where the root of the energy lies and how to think about how you will overcome it. Pisces, you may feel weak or unskilled tackle a problem or situation that you or someone you care about faces. The truth is that there is strength in this area but learning where you are most vulnerable is a necessary part of your growth.


Aria Gmitter, M. The ideal serious relationship this year would be with someone who has the same needs as you do and who is willing to give freedom as well as take it. This is a strong possibility.

Sun in Aquarius: Eccentric, Idealistic, Aware

You will be dating much this year, attending parties and having many entertainments. You look better than you have in many years and you are attracting others in droves.

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The marriage of a parent or parental figure in your life is in crisis. Very stormy. The marriage of friends and children likewise. The marriage of siblings is status quo, and a single sibling has an important marriage opportunity from February 2nd to June 6th.

A spiritual mentor or guru type — someone involved in your spiritual life — could marry this year or be involved in a significant relationship. The chances of a foreign visit seem bright.

Pisces Horoscope 2021

You may get prepared not to feel homesick and embrace new surroundings and culture as your chances to visit distant lands are more and this might keep you far away from your home. There is also a likelihood in which you might have to learn to enjoy your own company as there are chances that you may have to stay from your relatives, according to Aquarius in A friend in need is a friend indeed! This particular proverb will prove itself true in your life as you will get immense support from your friends.

Whatever the weather conditions may be there will be romance in the atmosphere of your life as your love and marital life is going to experience a wonderful time tells your Aquarius horoscope. You may need to give your house a little repair and makeover and it may go under some renovation. There might be ebb and tide in your finances.

Welcome to Leo season, dear Aquarius!

Taking care of loved ones is important and you may need to pay a little attention and care to your family. Your life partner will have a strong desire to go out on a pleasure trip with you, as per Aquarius predictions. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.